"Nobody wants to be sold, everyone loves to buy"
-Jeffrey Gitomer (New York Times Best-Selling Sales Guru)

Today's sales enablement strategies focus almost exclusively on vendor marketing efforts and the vendor's sales cycle. This status quo behavior often ignores one core truth... your clients buy for ONLY 2 reasons: Your product/service or software MAKES and/or SAVES them money.

How well do your sellers SELL your "value"? A 30% win rate means 70% of the time you didn't earn the new client. If "NO DECISION" is your #1 competitor, then your sellers and your prospects need help quantifying your value. Based on your industry, you get "no decision" 40-60% of the time.

Welcome to The ROI Shop, the door is open, come on in...

Our interactive value calculator was created by salespeople, for salespeople. The ROI Shop enables salespeople to collaborate with their prospects and build a financial business case using their prospect's actual data. The tool is then shared with the buyer/champion to assist with internal selling and CFO approval.

Here are a few key benefits:
• Move the conversation from features to a strategic financial discussion
• Reduce “NO DECISIONS” by telling a more compelling story
• Further qualify opportunities
• Close deals faster with less discounting
• Separate you from the competition

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