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Where Emotional &Artificial Intelligence Converge.

My Story

I have spent my entire career as an agent of change. I have worked with companies of all shapes and sizes inside every industry, some companies with 50 employees, some with 50,000.  Since 2006, I sold software as a service for some of the most progressive software companies on earth, further instilling in me the habit of continuous learning.  


To learn is to study, to study is to observe.  I have been inside over 1,000 companies working with leaders and managers inside the C-suite, Human Resources, Finance, Supply Chain, you name it. Throughout it all, there is one absolute truth I maintain: the health of any organization is inherently tied to the health of the organisms working within it.


In 2016, I learned what it was like to go through a divorce and become a single dad. Since I worked from home, my life absolutely influenced my work and my performance slipped… in corporate-speak, I had zero “work-life balance”. Unbalanced, stressed, and out of my comfort zone, I fell back on my core beliefs and then the magic started to happen.


While the majority of the people all around me experienced a growing sense of mental and emotional stress, disengagement at work, and varying degrees of unhappiness, I was evolving.  Now a student and teacher of continuous learning and continuous change, I have upgraded the way I processed stress and I turned it into a competitive advantage. Lifework Integration is the upgraded version of the failed, out-dated corporate-based concept known as work-life balance.


For me, life should be considered more valuable than work, so Lifework makes sense.  As a software guy, I know that integration can be defined as the free-flowing exchange of energy and ideas between at least two systems.  Whereas work-life balance forces a person to choose between life or work, Lifework Integration is the friction-less, free-flowing exchange of energy and ideas between a person’s life and their work.

At the age of 14, I read Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, a few years later, I read Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”.  In these books, I found core beliefs about myself that I still carry with me. Specifically, the value of “Positive Mental Attitude” and a little something known as the “Law of Attraction”.  



All across the globe, 70% of today's workforce is disengaged and experiencing some form of mental or emotional stress. The corporate-based idea called work-life “balance” has proven to be an outdated business model, with the metaphorical see-saw continually tilting towards work. If work-life balance is the problem, Lifework Integration is the solution. Built to teach companies how to train their employees to live a happier life, Lifework Integration helps organizations and the organisms working within turn stress into competitive advantage and produce results faster.



Today’s corporate buyers are often too busy managing details and running departments to effectively learn how to buy new tools that can help improve output. Unprepared buyers fall short of quantifying the Return On Investment to higher ups, leading to higher ups not approving their purchase, commonly referred to as a "no-decision". The ROI Shop creates collaborative buyer and sales enablement value-calculators that help buyers reduce their number of no-decisions and get the tools they need to succeed.



Each week my cohost and author of "Recruiting in the Age of Googlization", Ira Wolfe, and I talk with amazing thought leaders, CEOs, and authors about their ideas on "the future of work." We cover topics like hiring processes, mindfulness, company culture, leadership, and many more. Our listenership has soared past 10,000 a month and we're having too much fun to stop now! Listen live Wednesdays at 1 PM EST on or click the button to listen to any of our previous episodes.

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