Keith Campagna

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Lifework Integration

Work-life “balance” failed to improve anyone’s relationship with stress.  With Lifework Integration, you will turn stress into a competitive advantage throughout your organization (and your life).


Need to get HR tech but can’t get approval?  Create realistic business cases filled with business acumen and return on investment metrics using H-ROI.  It is 100% free and 100% vendor agnostic.

Geeks, Geezers, and Googilzation Podcast

Find out what happens when the tired, wired and technology converge to talk about the future of work. The very definition of Human Resources is changing, don’t let the shift hit your plan.  


Today's HR messaging around “work life balance” has most workers more stressed at work and feeling anything but balanced when it comes to managing their fast-paced lives.   Lifework Integration exposes the hidden struggles keeping work life "balance" while proposing a new-age approach that focuses on the employee's life development because DEVELOPING THE LIVES OF THE ORGANISMS (or people) INSIDE YOUR ORGANIZATION DIRECTLY IMPACTS YOUR SUCCESS.


This matters because employers are also more stressed than ever to keep employees.  Did you know…


The United States currently has 1 million more open positions than people to fill them.  In order to grow any organization, employers need employees feeling great about themselves and their purpose.  Imagine a world where every employee, no matter their position, come to work with purpose, enthusiasm and satisfaction from living the life the want to live.  That’s called Lifework Integration. It works and I can’t wait to tell you more.

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The Geeks, Geezers and Googlization Show shares interviews with many of the most fascinating and successful industry thought leaders about managing the convergence of the wired, tired, and technology. Topics include tips on managing disruptive workforce trends and how companies can recruit faster, hire smarter, and retain employees longer. 

"Keith illuminated that it is a brave new world. He was engaging, dynamic, hugely knowledgeable and passionate. He was incredible, not just in his professionalism and demeanor but in his clear understanding on how a good talent acquisition process impacts an organization."

"Keith combines big picture, innovative, and strategic thinking with a down to earth and truly likeable style that makes him an absolute pleasure to work with. He is truly fearless yet pragmatic enough to know the appropriate boundaries. Quite simply, you will want everyone on your team to be like Keith."